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Hot! The Real “Freeway” Ricky Ross Weighs in on The scuffles at BET Hip Hop Awards

Former Los Angeles, California drug kingpin Ricky “Freeway” Ross is making news headlines again. However, it is not for his long-standing legal dispute with star Miami rapper William “Rick Ross” Roberts. The reformed cocaine overlord has issued a statement where he gives his honest opinion regarding the violence that occurred during the recent taping of the BET Hip Hop Awards in Atlanta, Georgia. On October 1st, the Huffington Post published an article that contained a message from the real Rick Ross. He discusses the state of hip hop and gives sharp criticism of two rappers (Jeezy and Rick Ross) who were allegedly  involved in the violent confrontation at the award show. Here is an excerpt of Freeway’s statement:

“This weekend the news that came out of the BET award show about the altercation between the rapper using my name ‘Rick Ross’ and ‘Young Jeezy’ can only be described as disappointing. These are not fighters, they are entertainers, as much as they build their image on criminality-it is still an image. When art comes to imitate life it become dangerous, because while these young men act out filling the shoes of their infamous heroes, they do so without having walked in these shoes to prison cells or worse. As such the only winner that comes out of such a failure of celebration is the media that is able to characterize these actions as violent, perpetuating imagery of hip hop that has lasted far too long.”

The wise words continue as Freeway lambastes rapper Rick Ross personally. He decries his controversial image in the following words contained in his statement:

“William Roberts pka Rick Ross, you accomplished the goal. You’re on TMZ and BET for all the wrong reasons. Inside of your song lyrics is the kindling of a brush fire for violence because your starting point is incorrect (referring to William’s song “So Sophisticated”). It is a foundation built on low self esteem and selfish statements of I have what you can’t afford-from something as simple as a Passport and its stamps, to some European item that’s hard to pronounce and can even include a man’s mate in some of these songs. Hip hop has the power to be so much more than that simple.”

The real Rick Ross also gives BET a scolding and says the network failed to “organize attendees.” To read his entire published statement, click the following link:

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