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Hot! The Making Of A Remix: Spoon x DJ Quik feat. IAMSU!, Kurupt, & Boogie

If you weren’t looking for Burbank, CA, recording studio Little Big Room, you might never know it was there. Nestled next to a plumbing supply store on a sun-baked stretch of West Burbank Avenue, its oatmeal-colored walls, steel door and foggy block windows offer no indication of what lies within. When it comes to studios, the spots where magic happens are often incognito.

This is where West Coast legend DJ Quik recorded 2014’s The Midnight Life—a triumphant return from a creative slump and, if all goes according to plan, the penultimate piece in a 10-album legacy spanning a colorful career and turbulent personal life. “Everybody has their lulls where they ain’t poppin’ and shit’s not that funky,” he says. “I just went through that for too long, so I came back to the studio and set fire to my sound. Now it’s everything I want it to be.” Today, with a lustrous, youthful complexion that contradicts his 25 years in the game, the Compton-bred Quik is here to produce his first remix in roughly a decade.



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