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Hot! The Grouch & Eligh – The Tortoise & The Crow Album Announcement

The Grouch & Eligh are going above and beyond with there next release, and delivering a triple album! One full length solo Grouch disc, one full length Eligh disc, and one full length G&E disc. For all of the supporters and fans, look forward to getting all 3 dimensions in one shot. The expected release for the project early of 2014.

G&E had this to say about the release.

Musically, this triple disc project is our most ambitious release to date! This body of work shows so many in depth dimensions of The Grouch & Eligh. The E album is totally different from The G album, the G&E album is completely unique as well. We have such a variety of sounds and messages, we really could have released this as three separate projects — every album stands on its own but together we found the answer.

This is way it had to be. Just doing solo albums wouldn’t fulfill our souls right now. Neither would a straight-up G&E album. We’ve grown exponentially in recent years, and we’re such an integral part of each other’s path’s. With these albums, we’re circling up on decades of growth and experiences.


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