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Hot! Video SUPER: Devin The Dude | Mass Appeal

For the latest installment of our SUPER series, we hooked up with everyone’s favorite Texas toker, Devin the Dude. Here, the Master Splinter stoner, and storyteller extraordinaire delivers an elaborate superhero tale centered around Super D(ude), who apparently adopts the catchier “Super D” moniker “for the hoes.” Makes sense. Unfortunately for anyone in any actual trouble, Super D isn’t the type of superhero who saves lives or moves at the speed of light. In fact, in Devin’s telling, when his superhero self actually comes across a live skirmish, rather than swoop in and save the day, he waits for the situation to diffuse, then tries to mend the losing fighter’s emotional wounds with weed that he produced out of thin air—his one true superpower. (Why the botany is dropped out of apparent UFOs, however, is anyone’s guess.) Light one and enjoy.

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