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Hot! Suga Free Talks New EP With DJ Quik & Hi-C

Recently, VladTV caught up with Suga Free while on the red carpet at the KDAY Krush Groove concert, an event made possible by program director Adrian Scott. During this exclusive clip the battle-tested rapper speaks on achieving Hip-Hop longevity and offers his opinion as to which contemporary MC’s perspective will still be appreciated years from now.

Immediately answering the question of what current lyricist will trump time’s fleeting hands, Suga Free offers that Kendrick Lamar is capable of going the distance. Respecting Kendrick’s upbringing, Suga Free adds, “As far as the young rappers coming up in the game, I got my money on Kendrick Lamar.” Next, Suga Free hails the Good Kid as a Hip-Hop cultural connoisseur, and reveals that “The dude is even teaching me something.”

As the conversation inevitably turns to pimping, Suga Free reveals that he’s been blessed to evolve from pimping people to pimping sixteens. He says, “I’m not no fool; I went from the sidewalk straight into this, I have no room for that now. Continuing his comment he adds, “I happen to love spending time with my children, because that life takes away from my family life. I don’t want to hurt my kids.”

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