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Hot! Video Street Lotto – #Pluug

#PLUUG is the first release from the STREET LOTTO and TWEEKBEATZ colab project entitled “Levi’s And Chucks”. LNC combines Lotto’s midwest-southern flow with TWEEKBEATZ’s new wave of west coast hip hop production to bring a unique and refreshing sound to today AND tomorrow’s music scene. Styles, trends,and fashions come and go in American culture, but NOTHING has been as consistent through time as Levi’s and Chuck Taylors since both brand’s inception.Timeless- no matter the race, sex, or culture, Levi’s and Chucks are an American staple. Hence the project title “Levi’s And Chucks”. “We combine to make #MidWestCoastSouthernHipHop. Our music has no targeted audience, just people that like dope music”.- Lotto

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