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Hot! Stockton, California Up-And-Comer Tall T Killed In Broad Daylight

Stockton rapper Tall T was shot and killed in broad daylight at the age of 23 and the shooting has left police without any suspects or motivation. Tall T was considered an up-and-comer and had already established himself in West Coast battle rap circles.

According to reports, Tall T was sitting on a bench with his girlfriend in a Stockton park when an unidentified assailant tapped him on the shoulder and opened fire when the rapper turned around.

Tall T apparently had no involvement in any sort of criminal organization and those close to the rapper explained that in spite of his sharp tongue on the mic, he was easy to get along with offstage. “He wasn’t even out there being involved in anything like that [gangs or crime], because he was so into what he was doing musically,” said one of Tall T’s friends.

Tall T is the second rapper to be killed in Stockton in the past week after another local MC, Saul Salas, was shot outside of TX Nightclub in Lathrop. Tall T’s associates don’t think that there is a connection between the two murders and explained that he never carried feud after a battle. “When the rap battle starts, we’re all coming for your throat. In the end, we shake hands and tell each other how dope we thought the other was, and there was no bad blood with any of the rappers,” explained his friend Christopher Walker.


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