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Hot! Spice 1: Suge Knight Will Beat His Murder Case

West Coast rapper Spice 1 spoke with the VladTV Interview Contest winner The Lesson 927 and shared his thoughts on Suge Knight’s ongoing murder trial. “S*** man, Suge finna get off, dude,” he genuinely believes. “The only reason he might not get off is because the government don’t like his a**.” “It’s him protecting himself,” Spice 1 adds with a laugh.

As he continues on, the “Let It Be Known” emcee speaks on Suge’s mistakes, although he truly feels the former hip-hop exec was merely “protecting himself.” Spice 1 feels Suge “didn’t have to run all the way over” his two victims, but it’s “not him assaulting anyone” in the end because they pulled a gun on him first.

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