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Hot! Video Spice 1 Denies Involvement in 2Pac’s Hughes Brothers Altercation

West Coast rapper Spice 1 spoke with the VladTV Interview Contest winner The Lesson 927 about the lead roles in “Menace II Society” being offered to himself and 2Pac. He explained that his manager messed up the deal by not following up on the opportunity, but Spice 1 was later offered a spot on the soundtrack.

The “187 Proof” emcee explained that 2Pac got fired up after seeing an article about him not being professional on set of the movie. Spice said Pac wanted to beat up the Hughes brothers – Allen and Albert Hughes – who were directing “Menace II Society.” It was at a music video shoot that Spice 1 said 2Pac got his chance to lay out Allen Hughes, who appeared on the set with a bloody face. Spice 1 later clarified that he had nothing to do with the fight, and he added that the director brought the situation on himself.

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