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Hot! Spice-1, C-Bo, Young Bleed, JT Money, Kokane and Gangsta Pat call in for Rap Round Table

The Murder Master Music Show is known for its round table discussions with legends, recently the show’s host, Prezident Bejda put together a round table of historic proportions that was full of platinum and gold legends. The first caller was former No Limit artist Young Bleed which was quickly followed by Spice-1, JT Money, Gangsta Pat, Kokane, and if that wasn’t enough C-Bo called in as well.

“I didn’t even plan on a show, I was gonna take this week off, but I said f–k that, let me see if I can put together something, but never did I imagine this would happen in the course of a day. Our 100th Episode back in October took a few weeks to set up, but this one right here just fell into place. I got online, made a few calls and everyone was honored and happy to be a part of it” -Prezident Bejda

To have all these legends on the show at the same time was amazing in itself but to then find out that they all want to collaborate with each other in the future is incredible.

At one point JT Money said he had some tracks ready and all artists wanted to exchange emails. C-Bo went a step further and said he wanted video of each artist if they collaborate.

Check out this historical episode of the Murder Master Music Show

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