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Hot! SpaceGhostPurrp Says He’s Retiring

SpaceGhostPurrp claims that he’s done with hip hop. The rapper/producer posted his announcement on his Facebook page, bemoaning the state of the industry and unscrupulous behavior.

“Just want [sic] yall to know that threw these past 3 years from making music 4 yall i had fun my n***a,” wrote Purrp. “i had a good year this year and showed n***as i can still be successful by myself since the beginning it was good to see alot of celebs be on my wave this year it was cool as f**k[.]”

“I wont be doing this sh*t no more i learned alot about this shady ass rap game .. its like monkey see monkey do .. and im not that type of dude[.]” he said. “I never wanted be the perfect lyricist or best beat maker i wanted to be me and ima still be me .. just not in the shady ass rap sh*t … im to real for it and when i say real im to ME … not nobody else done…GET READY FOR MY KLAN TO TAKE OVER[.]”


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