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Hot! Southern Rappers Tela & Mia X Discuss The Master P vs Pimp C Hotel Incident

Hip Hop has a way of exposing its truths how it wants us to see it. As time goes by, and as Gangsta Rap began to emerge and become mainstream, egos out grew a lot of rappers careers. If your my age and was a fan of the music you heard many tales of rapper run ins with one another. Social media for us back then was word of mouth or the many popular Hip Hop print magazines. One of those infamous hip hop beef’s involved 2 iconic figures that both helped with the landscape of the Southern Rap scene.

There have been many versions of the story but the one most commonly told is that Master P. didn’t pay Pimp C. what they agreed on for the song “Break ’em Off”, which appeared on the 1996 release “The Ice Cream Man”. The late Pimp C. who voiced his opinion on the topic, was confronted by a group of individuals who pistol whipped him. He would would later voice his opinions on rap records, on the road and interviews.

Since the release of the biography Sweet Jones: Pimp C’s Trill Life Story, author Julia Beverly who is also the founder of the Southern rap publication, Ozone Magazine. Has released unheard audio clips from Southern Rappers Tela and Mia X about the infamous incident that occurred so long ago. Check out the 2 exclusive interviews provided below and hear for yourself how things really occurred.


In an interview with Julia Beverly, former No Limit artist Mia X recalls her horrified reaction when she learned that her ex-fiance, Jimmie Keller (Master P’s cousin), participated in the infamous hotel room beating of her friend Pimp C.

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