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Hot! Southern Rapper Artist Weebie Arrested

Rapper Webbie, whose real name is Webster Gradney, Jr., has been arrested in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, on domestic abuse charges after allegedly holding his live-in girlfriend against her will at a hotel room with his entourage for about two hours on Wednesday (July 5).

According to local television station WVLA, Gradney allegedly physically abused the victim with a closed fist, an open hand and a belt. The victim also told authorities that Gradney pinned her on the ground at one point and pushed his knees into her throat so she could not breath for several seconds.

The Advocate reports that the victim had a fractured nose that left her coughing and spitting up blood. She also had belt whelps up and down her thighs and back. Gradney also allegedly stole the victim’s cell phone and damaged the Comfort Inn hotel room where they were staying. Police called to the scene at 6:26 a.m.

Charges against Gradney include aggravated battery with a dangerous weapon, second-degree battery, domestic abuse by strangulation, false imprisonment, theft and simple criminal damage to property.


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