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Hot! Slim The Mobster Lashes Out Against 50 Cent

Slim The Mobster just put 50 Cent on blast.

No holds were barred when Slim released a spate of tweets, dissing 50, and throwing some serious accusations in his direction.

Slim The Mobster’s anger stems from his belief that Fif put the breaks on Slim’s promotion at Interscope Records.

In a series of ferocious tweets, the West Coast rapper accused the G-Unit captain of stopping Interscope from promoting him, as well as stating that 50 was gay. “This niggaz so much a bitch he called interscope and told them stop promoting my music ….per some nigga name Barry,” Slim wrote.

Slim claimed that Fif stopped his promotion, then added, “but guess what nigga me and @shamoneyxl did that ourselves but you copy my style you ain’t fresh.”

He went on to insinuate that 50 Cent had dealings with the FBI, writing, “@drdre said not to build my career off beef but fuck __________ he’s a bitch ass nigga and got the Feds watching hip hop….”

And it didn’t end there. Slim then labelled 50 Cent as gay, in no uncertain terms. “Today I might get dropped cuz I can no longer let these homo ass straight niggaz get away with this sucker ass shit…….” he tweeted.

Source: YoRaps

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