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Hot! Sir Jinx Presents: Hot Box – “Outside The Box”

Affiliation – (ft. Hot Box, Bun B. & Jamal from Illegal, 3re tha Hardaway) Prod. By Pimp C.


Sir Jinx Presents: Hot Box – “Outside The Box”

From the shadows of ghost -writing, hook making, & background vocals emerges West Coast phenomenon Hot Box.  On September 11, 2012, take an illustrious tour through the blend of American coastal music styles as you travel rhythmically “Outside the Box” with flamboyant guest appearances by 3re Tha Hardaway, DJ Khaled, Daz Dillinger, BG, Three-6-Mafia, Dre of Cool & Dre, UGK, Jamal of Illegal, E-A-Ski, Snoop Dogg, Eastwood CPT, RBX, Doveshack, Jetta and more.


If you’re a little unfamiliar with Hot Box, let’s catch you up on just who exactly this west coast emcee is.  Hot Box’s rap sheet started in his elementary school years, being charged with tenacious offenses of inciting rap battles within the gang infested streets of the Los Angeles County community. Amassing notoriety after learning how to structure and arrange song lyrics at the budding age of 9, Box advanced in his criminal ranks to ghostwriter by the age of 12 inking countless local hits with some getting international acclaim. By the age of 15, Hot Box formed his own publishing company and single handedly negotiated a publishing deal after learning that his past criminal records earned him nothing. No props. No revenue. This led to a new method to his madness.


Box formed a musical gang enlisting A -list production from the diabolical masterminds of Battlecat, D.J. Quik, Snake Puppy of the L.A. Dream Team, and the late Johnny J. With a combined creative effort, winning talent shows, killing promotional spot dates, appearing on the motion picture soundtrack of Hangin’ with the Homeboys starring John Leguizamo, and making a television appearance on Gabriel’s Fire starring James Earl Jones; propelled Box into a recording agreement with PWL America / Mercury / Polygram by time he reached 17 years of age.


Hot Box’s graduation from high school wasn’t the only reason to celebrate his coming into adulthood because he had already achieved securing a promising record deal with a debut album release date and was leaving directly from his graduation to traffic highly addictive dope music on a nationwide promo tour. Box also signed a lucrative songwriting deal with Jerry Heller and the late Eazy -E to co -write on a few Ruthless Records’ album releases setting him up to do more of his fiendish songwriting and ghostwriting for more artists who were now sonicallyaddicted to his maniacal craft.


After building a massive rapport with most of the west coast legends in the rap game, Box took an opportunity to move to Miami, Florida where he became partner of an independent label and utilized his knowledge of the business to gain a successful distribution deal. In a small matter of time, Box had gained as much popularity in Miami as he already had in Los Angeles. UGK, JT -Money, Three-6-Mafia, B.G. of Cash Money Records’ Hot Boys group, Trick Daddy, the legendary Ms. Betty Wright, Larry Blackmon of Cameo, Too $hort, and multi-platinum producers Cool & Dre are just a few of the names that partnered in crime with Box during his rampant run in the humid Miami heat.

Now that Hot Box is back in the custody of the Los Angeles Maximum Studio Correctional Facility, he is once again plotting on ways to murder the entire music industry with lyrical weapons of mass destruction. Fellow production inmates charged with abetting in his savage, rhythmic tirade include the infamous names of the country’s most brutal producers such as Battlecat, Sir Jinx, the late Pimp C. of UGK, E-A -Ski, Roach Killa, and Leo Wilde.


Sir Jinx Presents “Out Side The Box” Tracklist:

1. 3re Tro (ft. Hot Box, DJ Khaled, 3re tha Hardaway) Prod. By Mike Fresh
2. Boy listen – (ft. Hot Box, Daz Dillinger of the DPG, 3re tha Hardaway) Prod. By Daz Dillinger
3. Affiliation – (ft. Hot Box, Bun B. & Jamal from Illegal, 3re tha Hardaway) Prod. By Pimp C.
4. I Need Money – (ft. Hot Box, Doveshack & Jetta) Prod. By Uncle CO
5. Born n The Ghetto – (ft. Hot Box, Three -6 -Mafia, 3re tha Hardaway) Prod. By Three-6-Mafia for Hypnotized Minds Productions
6. All Night – Hot Box, BG of the Hot Boyz, 3re tha Hardaway,) Prod. By Drum Majorz
7. Animal – (ft. Hot Box, Daz Dillinger of the DPG 3re tha Hardaway) Prod. By Daz Dillinger
8. STOMP! – (ft. Hot Box, RBX, 3re tha Hardaway) Prod. By David “Big Qlu” Lindley
9. Top Notch Hoes – (ft. Hot Box, Pimp C, 3re tha Hardaway) Prod. By Pimp C.
10. Imma Get You High – (ft. Hot Box, E-A-Ski, 3re tha Hardaway) Prod. By E-A-Ski
11. Last Days (ft. Hot Box, Chris Starr, Eastwood CPT & Snoop Dogg 3re tha Hardaway) Prod. By Battlecat for BC Powda Music

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