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Hot! Siccness Weekly Wrap Up Report

Machine Gun Kelly Puts Gun in His Mouth

Bad Boy Records rapper Machine Gun Kelly recently exploded over his infatuation with African American women and how they stand in a class by themselves behind bedroom doors. According to reports, MGK may have put a full round fully clip in his mouth when he made some potentially offensive sexual comments at last weekend’s BET Awards. Machine Gun Kelly is living up to his “wild boy” image off wax as well. MGK  talked to Baller Alert at the 2012 BET Awards red carpet about his penchant for black women. “My child is black. Black girls give the best head” the rapper said matter-of-factly. When asked to explain, he said, “Y’all either give the best head or you say you don’t give head”  (WOW…this dude a straight up nut….im suprised he didnt get stole on!!! ) The rapper continued to elaborate on the subject, which caused another black correspondent within earshot to allegedly become so annoyed that she left. Fans on Twitter shared similar sentiments. “*falls* what kind of mess?” asked one while another added, “i feel sorry for his publicist.” Some took the comments with humor though with tweets like “This guy is hilarious,””Thank you whitedevil?!?!” and “Machine Gun Kelly is wild lol.”  Pdiddy you better send your boy to P.R school b4 he get stomped out. It may have been his opinion but at the BLACK entertainment awards he should of had a tiny bit more class.  Sucram & the Siccness jussayintho….

The Infamous Prodigy drops album & Clear Rumors

Prodigy 1/2 of the duo Mob Deep stopped by The Breakfast Club to promote his new book and clear the air on a few topics including his relationship with Rihanna, beef with Havoc, and rumors that he was sexually assaulted in prison. The Mobb Deep member says he has two books coming out, and wants people to know that everything in the books is about his own life “misconception was I wasn’t talking about my life…all of that was me”.  His next book will be about his post-prison experience, “[my] transition from prison to the streets”. When asked point blank about rumors of him beefing with Havoc, the other half of Mobb Deep, Prodigy was insistent that all is well with the Queen’s duo “let me tell you…it’s bogus, me and Hav, we tight” and he revealed “we’re working on the next Mobb Deep album”.  The Breakfast Club pushed that they heard the beef between the two was over money, but again Prod rejected that “I’ll tell you right now it’s never about money”.  He continued “when I put out a solo album it always comes out that Prodigy is leaving Mobb Deep”.  He also reveals that they have a distribution deal in place with Sony, and plan to release a record together when they feel the product is ready. Then the topic about a tweet sent from Havoc’s supposed “hacked” Twitter account was brought up. They asked if Prodigy was raped while in prison, and he responded “negative, that never happened in jail”.  Prodigy says when he heard these rumors he was not even mad because they were so absurd to him “that was just hilarious to me”. The Breakfast Club pressed on  with some other rumors, such as the one about Prodigy looking to hook up with Rihanna, and the two exchanging messages on Twitter.  Prodigy said he was never planning on leaving his girlfriend at the time for Rihanna, and  added “I wish…I mean, it’s Rihanna”. Prodigy said he hooked up with T.I. to make music together, while the two were both incarcerated, “me and TIP was in communication when we both locked up”, and that although he isn’t officially with G-Unit anymore he’s still close  with 50 Cent . We’ll he better be he inked G-Unit in his flesh we he 1st met Fif. H.N.I.C. III is available now.

A Former Oakland Raider getting into off field troubles,  BIGTIME.

Former Oakland Raiders defensive end Anthony Wayne Smith, whose murder trial stemming from a 2008 shooting death ended in a hung jury, was charged this week with three more Los Angeles County slayings from several years earlier. Dammit!!   The new criminal complaint, filed on Monday, charges Smith, 43, with a total of four counts of first-degree murder, incorporating the original case against him and the kidnap-killings of three other men – one in 1999 and two in 2001. Special allegations listed in the complaint say the three earlier victims were tortured before being killed. An arraignment has been set for July 17 on the new charges, and Smith remains held without bond, a spokeswoman for the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office, Sandi Gibbons, said on Thursday. Smith’s lawyer, Michael Evans, said his client would plead not guilty to all the charges and that the new criminal complaint came as a “surprise to all of us.” Smith, a first-round 1990 draft pick of the Raiders, then based in Los Angeles, and an 11th pick overall for the National Football League that year, played all seven seasons of his NFL career for the Raiders, first in Los Angeles and then in Oakland. Evans said he was informed of the new charges just 45 minutes before jury selection was set to begin on Monday in the retrial of the original case charging Smith with murder in the October 2008 slaying of an associate named Maurilio Ponce. The first jury deadlocked 8-to-4 in favor of a guilty verdict, leading to a mistrial. The latest felony complaint charges Smith with three additional counts of first-degree murder in connection with the November 1999 slayings of brothers Kevin and Ricky Nettles, and the June 2001 killing of Dennis Henderson. According to Gibbons, the Nettles brothers were abducted from a car wash in Los Angeles by two individuals posing as police officers and were found shot to death the next day. About 19 months later, Henderson and another man, Terry Ware, were kidnapped in Los Angeles by several armed suspects, placed in separate cars and driven away. Ware was freed but  Henderson’s body was found in the back of a rental car the next day. He had been beaten and stabbed to death, Gibbons said. Gibbons said she had no further information about a possible motive or circumstances behind the killings. She said prosecutors would decide later whether to seek the death penalty against Smith. Homicide detectives assigned to the case were not immediately available for comment. Smith was charged in February 2011 along with two other men in connection with the slaying of Ponce, who was found shot to death on a remote roadside in Lancaster, California, north of Los Angeles, on October 7, 2008. The defense has acknowledged that Smith and Ponce were once involved together in a cargo theft, and that Smith was seen driving Ponce’s car a month after he was slain. But Evans has insisted that his client had nothing to do with Ponce’s murder and argued during the trial that police lacked any physical evidence, such as DNA, fingerprints or gunpowder residue, linking him to the crime. He said Ponce had given Smith his car when Ponce stopped being able to make payments on it. Evans said he could not comment in detail about the three additional slayings because he had not yet seen evidence that prosecutors will be required to share with him. Dam these are just allegations on Smith & we still come to the conclusion that he is not to be F#!@ with!!!

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