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Hot! Siccness Weekly Wrap Up: Black Reality Shows/Drake & Chris Brown Camps come to blows!!

Black Reality Shows getting attention for wrong reasons?

Ever seen wine bottles hurled, hair pulled, faces slapped & even an attempt to use a planter as a weapon? We’ll this is just one season of tha outrageous reality show basketball wives. The Viacom owned cable channel VH1 has found radio gold with such shows as Basketball Wives, Love & hip-hop & the less controversial la la’s full court and TI & Tiny. Can You believe these reality shows have been cranking out every since 2006 with Flavor Flavs dating show “Flavor of love” VH1 now has more on the way with ” Hollywood Exes” featuring the ex wives of eddie murphy,prince, r-kelly,will smith & jose canseco premiering this month.

Blacks have the highest rate of total tv usage according to a 2011 nielsen report translating to an whooping average of 7 hrs 12 mins a day (Not including time on siccness & other sites, get a job!!!)  thats 2 hrs above the U.S average!! This makes a attractive demographic for advertisers, black spending power is estimated to reach 1.1 trillion, according to the state of african american consumer report. BET also owned by viacom is still most popular, it has recently abandoned celebrity focused reality saying, “we respect are audience & don’t try to create programming that is dumbed down & appeals to the lowest common denominator” However this year there ratings decline as VH1 has made gains with their reality based shows.

The antics featured on these shows have sparked a growing backlash, viewers have created petitions demanding vh1 cancel shows,advertisers have pulled ads and critics blast the network for promoting negative images of black women. In Love & Hip-Hop & basketball wives punches are thrown & heels are used as weapons. Shaunie Oneal ex wife of shaq stars in and executive produce basketball wives & admits the series and all its offshoots have deviated from her original vision for the show. “I had never been around a bunch of women my age that actually would physically fight said O’neal. Im like wait a minute we are in are 30’s and there are actually physical altercations happening” Its a personal struggle for me because i see what people are saying,” she added. “I see the point of them saying your showing black women in a bad light.” To balance out the negatvie portrayals vh1 rolled out over a half a dozen wholesome reality series but none has generated the same buzz or success. Magic Johnson is starting his own network Aspire at the end of June which will focus on positive images of african americans.  Shaunie O’neal seems to yearn for a more wholesome alternative too.

In the fourth season finale, she paid a visit to her pastor to discuss her concerns about how “basketball wives” reflects on her professionally. She admitted she can no longer defend it or stand by it. We’ll as long as it generates $$$ someone will stand by it Shaunie or duplicate it as long as we still have a Sicc fetish (Pun intended) to watch Adults act like spoiled teenagers.

Drake & Chris Brown Camps come to blows!!

With numerous news sites reporting on last night’s explosion between Drake and Chris Brown’s entourages, Tha Siccness got the inside scoop on what really went down at the Greenhouse nightclub. One of SOHH’s reporters was at the event and dished out the juicy details.”I attended Teyana Taylor’s GOOD Music signing party at Greenhouse in SOHO, NYC. Drake and Chris Brown were there with their crews,” a SOHH reporter says. “As we are dancing, all I heard was a lot movement and screaming going on. I heard a glass break multiple times. As I looked into the VIP section I see the members of Drake’s crew in Chris Brown’s section trying to approach Chris. Chris’ entourage jumped in and that’s when more bottles were thrown pushing and shoving, fist swinging and the girls that were with both crews were screaming and yelling “stop”. The music stopped and some people were actually running out of the club. As the fight is still going on, Chris Brown’s crew actually got Drake’s crew in the bathroom.

It was too many people trying to get into the bathroom to see if Drake or Chris Brown was in there. Outside I was told Chris Brown was hit with a bottle. Chris Brown was left with a nasty wound after his entourage clashed with Drake’s  TMZ has confirmed with DCPI that the two singers’ crews got into it at WIP nightclub in New York — and that 5 people were left injured from the violent outburst. NYPD arrived on the scene shortly after receiving a call between 4 and 5am. Chris and Drake were not present when cops arrived. We’re told there were no critical injuries … just bumps, bruises and lacerations. No arrests were made. (TMZ)Although now removed, Chris Breezy reportedly cofirmed & addressed the incident on Twitter.Brown tweeted the photos , showing a cut on his chin.

He also reportedly tweeted the message “How u party wit rich n**** that hate? Lol…   niggaz is pussy! , And Im the singer!!! Niggaz hiding in bathroom bitch ass niggas!!!  Bottles? Its nothing!  Throwing bottles like girls? #shameonya!” — though both the photo and messages have since been removed. There are reports that the two started throwing blows (and bottles!) over Chris’ ex girlfriend, Rihanna, who Drake is also rumored to have hooked up with, Mediatakeout reports that all the siccness started when Chris reportedly sent over a bottle of champagne to Drake’s table, as a sort of peace offering. & that Drake sent the bottle back to Chris with a message to the effect of – “I’m f*ckng the love of your life [Rihanna], deal with it.”  Ha Krazy Ish, hope  all get resolved because Chris Brown & Young Moneys Tyga have/had a great relationship.

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