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Hot! & 12 Gauge Shotie SXSW 2016 Recap

Siccness Radio co host Mr Caypre from the Siccness Network powered podcast show, H.E.R (High End Radio), was on location in Austin, Texas for the 2016 SXSW hip hop experience. Taking full advantage of a great opportunity Caypre hit the road with San Diego rappers Twelve aka 12 Gauge Shotie and Poodeezy of the Dago Braves. Being out first time in the city of Austin and the magnitude of the week long event, we did our best to keep up with the who’s, who’s of the underground industry and some. Joey Dixon TV was also in attendance along with other independent artist such as Intl Skeam, Palmtree lifestyles Tona Da Owna, Rush Moneys’s West West & Billy Schmack, rap manager Domaniece Blake, Von Da Rasta and many others.

With the abundance of celebrities of all status the event as always publicized was a great turnout, with fans and artist from all over the globe together in one grand networking summit to say the least. Check out some exclusive photos from over the weekend and 12 Gauge Shotie performance video shot by Joey Dixon TV.

IMG_5413[1] copy IMG_5440[1] copy IMG_5446[1] copy

skeam_ IMG_5461[1] copy IMG_5471 copy IMG_5478 copy IMG_5543 copy IMG_5548 copy IMG_5556 copy IMG_5558 copy

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