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Hot! Seattle Rapper DZ Talks New Album With Messy Marv & Speaks On Past Issue’s With Northwest Rappers – Northwest rapper by name of DZ has been around the West Coast scene since for at least a decade now, releasing over 10 albums to date including compilation’s, solo and group ventures. We caught up with the Seattle rapper to talk about the new group album “Rubber Ducks & Gucci Duffles” with controversial Bay Area rapper Messy Marv.

DZ also speaks on future projects and speaks for the first time about appearing in online videos after being set up and jumped by former friends and being called a racist rapper.

Tune in for the full interview and head over to the Notorious Northwest forums to discuss the DZ interview.





  1. Fuck DZ and Messy Marv. DZ you need to quit making the town look bad.

  2. DZ you a bitch you got ran outta the town you fuckin marcc. You ain’t nowhere to be seen around here. You know you a phony when your hometown don’t even fuck with you.

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