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Hot! Scarface Gives New Album Summer Release Date x Names Project ‘Rooted’

Scarface is getting ready to drop his first album since 2008 and recently announced that the upcoming record will be titled ‘Rooted’ and drop sometime this summer. The rapper hasn’t put out an album since he dropped ‘Emeritus’ which he explained would be his last album when it was released.

Scarface dropped the title and told fans when they could expect his upcoming project via Twitter  before adding that he was grateful for their patience. “S/o to everybody that can see this…. The new album title is ‘Rooted’ releasing early this summer thanks for you patience.. Out….,” wrote the rapper.

The rapper is also gearing up to put out a new project with Beanie Sigel that will be called ‘Mac and Brad’ which will be released only after the two rappers complete their current solo projects. “I can’t wait for this shit. Me and Beans doing some easy shit right now. You know, separate solo acts but eventually we gonna double back and do that shit,” Scarface explained when he announced the collab at the beginning of the month.


Beanie’s upcoming project, ‘The Classic,’ currently doesn’t have a solid release date so it could be some time until fans get a chance to hear the collab, but it might not take too much to get the two rappers to hit the studio as Beanie previously indicated that he’s been looking forward to doing a joint record with Scarface since he released his debut album ‘The Truth’ in 2000.


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  1. I can’t wait to hear two master minds speak real topics in the studio i know its well needed for this society to hear that especially the young ones that are coming along so there minds can think,and get this money.

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