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Hot! San Diego’s Flyer Gang, Releases “Late Nights & Early Mornings”

The sophomore mixtape from San Diego’s own Flyer Gang “Late Nights & Early Mornings”! Download for FREE here.  Aye Hit, Paper Chase, V12, and new addition to the group Yung Ralph do it even bigger than their 1st mixtape!! 
 This time with 19 bangin tracks, they give u a lil bit of everything, turn up, smooth hip hop tracks, and even a pinch of R&B. They spit about the grit & grind in “Overtime” with lyrics like “can’t nobody stop my grind/ bcuz I been goin overtime..”  For all the 420 Friendly fans, “Treez” is the perfect song to roll up to, because Cali’s “got just what you need!”  And in the song titled “PF Flyer”, they rap about the shoes that started the whole movement, “What you rockin? My PF Flyers got her jockin Hi-top or Lo-top it dont matter I’ll rock ’em”.  
With heavy lyrics and big beats by Mac James, Coach Money, Cap, Poochie Ross, Curt Nitty & Aye Hit himself, they are definitely repping hard for their city and the new age of hip hop! The video “Facebook Ratchet” describes that ratchet on Facebook that we all know, taking self pics in the bathroom, and trying extra hard to look cute.  Flyer Gang links up with Thovan Films for the film, Watch Now!

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