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Hot! San Diego Rapper “Tiny Doo” Defends Album In Interview From Jail

AN DIEGO – A local rapper with no criminal record spoke to 10News Sunday from behind bars, claiming has been locked up for his lyrics.

Brandon Duncan, who goes by the rapper name “Tiny Doo” says his album “No Safety” is merely about urban culture and does not promote gang violence. He talked to 10News from the George F. Bailey Detention Facility in east San Diego County.

“I’m just painting a picture of a story, that’s it,” Duncan said. “I’m not telling anybody ‘hey go commit this crime,” Duncan said.

However, prosecutors think otherwise. Duncan, a documented gang member, is one of 15 people facing attempted murder charges in a gang conspiracy involving nine shootings since April 2013. Duncan has not been tied directly to the shootings, but he is the first person to be charged under a little-used statute approved by California voters in 2000 that allows for the prosecution of gang members if they benefitted from crimes committed by other gang members.

Attorneys for the state say Duncan’s songs promoted gang violence and that he benefited from the shootings through increased album sales.

“I know absolutely nothing about the shootings,” Duncan told 10News. “I didn’t even know the shootings took place until I was in jail. I haven’t sold any albums. I’m just a local rapper trying to make it, that’s it.”

The case has gained national attention and Duncan said he wanted to sit down with 10News in his first TV interview to say his music is no different from many other rappers.

Duncan, a father of seven, admitted he knows gang members from the Lincoln Park neighborhood he grew up in but that he’s not an active member.

“I went to school there, I know these people growing up, but I’m not an active gang member at all. I take care of my kids every day, I go to work every day.”

Duncan’s next hearing is Dec. 4. He faces nine counts of promoting street gang violence. He remains in jail on $500,000 bail. He could face 25 years to life in prison if convicted.

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