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Hot! San Diego Rapper “Crhymes” Provides More than Just Entertainment for Local Kids

The messages children receive when growing up in the inner city are often conflicting; on one hand the teachers in the classrooms say we can be anything, all the while the dark streets whisper in our ears that we are at an end. “There is no hope for you”, the streets say, “you will amount to nothing.” Children grow up confused; they reach for outlets, search for answers in the media, and seek influence from the artists that inspire. Problem is, few of the famous are desirable idols, and even fewer give back to the community that raised them. But, for the students of Woodrow Wilson Middle School, one rising star provides the light that is needed; a positive message amidst the dark. His name is Crhymes.

Cesar Tellez, also known by his stage name, Crhymes, is a San Diego native and established rap artist who knows the importance of being a good influence for our younger generations. He understands that his actions today could potentially affect the future of those around him, and that is something he does not take very lightly.  “You gotta give back the youth in the hood”, reads his Facebook status, “they look up to us.” And although Crhymes is a man of many words, he’s hardly all talk. Using his talents for good he is the modern day super hero, giving back to the community through his music with one resounding message: there is hope.

The students watch with admiration as he raps, but more importantly, are getting educated when he speaks– the lesson being success. Crhymes continually lets the students know that anything is possible and coming from someone they can relate to- the message sinks in.  When the children look towards the stage they don’t just see a performer, they see the potential to be someone that merits an audience. Cesar may not quell the entirety of the darkness that lies within the inner city, but with his positive message and proof that anyone can follow their dreams, creates the light at the end of the tunnel.

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