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Hot! San Diego Featured Film Premieres To Sold Out Crowd

Last week featured a first in San Diego Hip Hop history.  As one of San Diego’s’ military implants (Howard Wilburn) decided to act on his dream, to make a dope movie with a cast of talented actors.  Ladies and gentleman that movie is Joint Venture.  A comedy that takes you back to the times of Half Baked and How High, and feels like a FRIDAY franchise in the making for a new generation. The movie was a One Night Only event and it played to a sold out audience at Ultra Star Cinemas in San Diego’s posh Hazard Center district. The Red Carpet event featured a host San Diego’s top artist (Tiny DC,KB, Steve White, Problumz and Mz Chief, Tr7th) bloggers, and city socialites.



After getting fired from their non-emergency medical transportation jobs, Chris and Jamal come up with the idea to start their own business taking patients to fill their medical marijuana prescriptions. However, they do not have enough money to get started, so they turn to the neighborhood drug dealer, Licwit. Licwit loans them the money to start, but after numerous failed attempts to collect the money he loaned them, he issues them an ultimatum.

Jamal and Chris do not agree with the ultimatum, so they alert the authorities to what Licwit is planning to do.

Directed by: Howard Wilburn

Written by: Howard Wilburn

Videographer: Louis Lopez For Flickshop Photography

Co-Videographer: Derrick Stanton


Cast: Daryl “Kda Mac” Kinder as Chris,

Michael “Shady Mike” Davis as Jamal

Licwit as Himself

With the movie being a One Night Only event, it is no longer available in theaters. However DVD’s can be purchased with the link provided below:

Written By: Frank Lamont

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