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Hot! Rising L.A. Artist (Lady) Tragik Releases Kreayshawn-directed Single/Video “Club King”

Los Angeles, CA – In the past few years, we have witnessed several unorthodox and outspoken females rise up in the game. One of these important figures is Buenos Aires, Argentina native Tragik (aka Lady Tragik), who has left a dent in the Los Angeles scene as an artist, director, photographer, designer and over all tastemaker.

After years of working with the local community, Tragik decided to dedicate herself to the underground and has amassed an impressive viral following, all through her relentless output of creative content. Her first single, “Dirty Bitch“, reached over 200,000 views with no press or marketing support – just her own grind.
With over 3 million views on her YouTube channel, Tragik is determined to take it to the next level in the coming year. She’s been buzzing across the interwebs for her controversial collaboration with Kreayshawn, Grimes and Blood Diamonds as “L$D“, after the group released their single “Don’t Smoke My Blunt, Bitch“.
Today, she is releasing her official single “Club King“, produced by Freddy StylezKreayshawn, who also directed the “Club King” video, explains what makes Tragik fascinating: “I first saw Tragik on the internet in 2005, and it was clear even then how strong her presence was as an original person. She used her unique look to spread knowledge on politics and also taught classics on how to make music to young people, which I always looked up to her for. I have been hypnotized by Tragik’s music since I first heard it and “Club King” holds that same hypnotizing power.
Artist, stripper and warrior (as described by the L.A. Times) Brooke Candy brings it to the point: “I’ve never seen anything like Club King. It’s cunt as fuck, it’s all women and I love that. I fucking love it.
Club King” is now available on iTunes and the video is available on YouTube and VEVO:

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