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Hot! Reece Loc – Lived What U Rap About, Vol. 2 Available Now!

Reece Loc is back with his brand new full length album, Lived What U Rap About, Vol. 2 starts where vol.1 left off with the vintage Northern California mobb sound. Trunk rattling bass lines and gritty story telling. The album has been released a few early via CDBaby. 13 tracks with appearances from Cricet, Intl Skeam, Key Loom, Les Vegas and many more.

1. Fresno (feat. Thaboi P)

2. Just a Touch (feat. B-Town Mac)

3. On the Rise

4. Goin’ Dummy (feat. Cricet)

5. Rainy Day (feat. E-Nut & Jboi)

6. Livin’ in This Real Life

7. Feels Good (feat. Key Loom)

8. Long Nights (feat. Hollow Tip)

9. Get Rich (feat. Will Guice & Mannish da Jula

10. Map It Out (feat. Intl Skeam)

11. As a Hustla

12. Didn’t Have Much (feat. Macs A Million & Les Vegas)

13. Hardwork


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