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Hot! Video RBX Reveals His Name Was Forged on Death Row Documents

Long Beach artist RBX spoke to VladTV about being the first artist to leave Death Row and sign to Dr. Dre’s Aftermath imprint, which he called “one of the best days.” He also shared why he was anxious to leave Suge Knight’s label and later finding out from a lawyer that his name was forged on several documents.

While many people would have sued the label for forgery, RBX explained that he didn’t want to send a cease and decist, because a lot of people he cared for worked on those albums together. He told VladTV, “I wasn’t going to make no waves and try and cease and decist and stop nothing, because you got my loved ones on this [album]…I’m not fixing to be that guy stopping nothing.”

During the conversation RBX also spoke about working on Eminem’s first album on Aftermath, The Slim Shady LP, and the West Coast artist revealed that he’s still working out royalty issues from the project.

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