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Hot! Rapper Twisted Insane Releases “The Insane Asylum” Available Online Now

1 The Initial High
2 The Insane Asylum
3 Pick Your Poison (feat. Charles Xavier)
4 Bat Outta Hell
5 Split Up (feat. Firing Squad)
6 The Myth
7 Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark (feat. Charles Xavier)
8 Underground Psycho (feat. C Mob)
9 Monster (feat. Mitchy Slick & Key Loom)
10 I Could’ve Been
11 Scary Slaughter (feat. Redro Killson)
12 Finger or a Nose
13 Bang (feat. Charles Xavier)
14 On My Sh*t
15 I’m Sick of (feat. Bishop)
16 Voices (feat. Bleezo, Kung Fu Vampire, Povertys Posterboy, Bishop & Charles Xavier)
17 Tonight (feat. Redro Killson)
18 Night Chronicles (feat. West Craven)
19 Brainsick 1.0 (feat. Hurricane, Mr Dos Muchos, Troll, D Loc, Crucified, KD the Stranger, Charles Xavier)

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