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Hot! Rapper Tiny Doo Escapes Prosecution for Music Said to Promote Gang Crimes

NBC San Diego reports today a decent ending to this particular application of that bad idea:

Brandon Duncan, who records under the name “Tiny Doo,” and Aaron Harvey are two of 15 co-defendants charged in connection with nine shootings that took place in San Diego…all linked to the Lincoln Park gang

On Monday, a San Diego Superior Court judge decided there was not enough evidence to bring Duncan and Harvey to trial on conspiracy charges…..

“If you want to hear my music, it’s not promoting anything,” Duncan said. “I’m not telling anybody to commit no crime, I’m not telling anybody to do anything. It’s just artistry. I’m painting a picture of an urban community.”…

Duncan is accused of promoting crimes through his lyrics and benefiting from his gang’s increased “street cred” from the shootings, prosecutors allege.

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