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Hot! Rapper AP.9 Responds To Allegations Of Him Being Liar.

Days ago several media outlets reported, Justice for Ice T & Coco. Rumors and many speculations have came into play since news had broke on the famed couple marital issues several months ago. During this time Bay Area rapper Ap.9 went on a tour of media outlets to prove that he was not a home wrecker and liar as many assumed he was just someone looking for attention.

Star Magazine reported that it paid Ap.9 a undisclosed amount to take a lie detector test to prove his story was accurate. After news had broke on media site All Hip Hop, AP.9 signed on to Bay Area Rap Forum and gave the bloggers a response to the article.

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Lets not get too happy y’all!! So to set the record strait, Ice T owns and that’s the only thing they can do to make they self look good is by trying to make me look bad….. Well, lets clear this up now…. 1st of all if I would’ve lied in the interview everyone know Star magazine wouldn’t have published it CAUSE THE WOULD GET SUED by CoCo and Ice T fir “DEFAMATION OF CHARACTER”… 2nd, in order for me to get paid from the story I had to pass the lie dectector text and I had to pass it for them to publish it!! Now all these made up story’s that’s comin up outta no where A BLIND MAN CAN SEE THE TRUTH!!! See, that’s why I got the truth in my possession just incase some bullshit like this would’ve came out so……. Nice try Ice!!! They can keep playing if they want!!!! All they doin is makin my name bigger!!!! NEGATIVE OR POSITIVE I GIVES A FUCK…. YOU HEARD ABOUT ME!! But hey, my word don’t mean shit especially on this site….. I’m the bad guy!!!! All I can say is, tell that bitch to take a lie detector test….. I did it!!! Then maybe they’ll shut up about THIS OLD NEWS!!! IT WAS JUST SOME PUSSY….. Simple!!

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