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Hot! Rap Artist Arrested For Brandishing Gun At LAPD

It may not be working out exactly as planned – the going to jail part – but it seems a rap artist is getting what he sought when he posted video of a hand holding what appears to be a loaded revolver behind a police car – notoriety.

“Revive a rap career,” said Steve Seiden, attorney for Alex Izquierdo, who uses the moniker Klever as a member of the 20-year-old rap crew known as Brownside.

“Street credibility” is what LAPD Chief Charlie Beck surmised was the goal. Possessing a loaded gun in a vehicle can be prosecuted as a felony. But Seiden contends no crime was committed because the gun was not real.

“Looked real to us,” said LAPD Commander Andrew Smith, acknowledging that investigators are relying on what they could see on the Instagram posting, because the actual device has not yet been found.

Izquierdo, 35, was freed early Thursday morning after posting bail of $200,000.

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