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Hot! PSD Tha Drivah – Part 1 of 3 Interviewer: Address The Rumors of You Snitching?:

Vallejo, CA emcee and former business partner of the late Mac Dre, PSD tha Drivah publicly addresses rumors and speaks about his case for the first time. Bullets and Bouquets is now available on iTunes through SMC Entertainment.

In Part 1 of 3, PSD addresses the rumors of him snitching & getting released earlier than expected.

Interviewer: Address The Rumors of You Snitching?:

PSD Tha Drivah: “How I look at it, every nigga I know or looked at growing up watching the old heads in the game, when they catch a case, whatever kind of case, their character always comes into question, their street cred always come into question.

“What the fuck he doing out? did he bail out, how did he bail out?? this nigga just did 4 years, how much time you want him to do?”

It’s not my job to worry about what people think, my job is to do this music and keep pushing. I don’t mind giving people something to talk about, but if you have a 6th grade education, you can read, google it.

Don’t falsely report no bullshit, back it up with some facts. But I expect that; game been so good, nigga better say something fucked up about me, cause its too much good shit you can say about me, shame on you if you don’t.

That’s just part of the game, I signed up for it. I’m alright with it, but I cant act like it don’t bother me, but real muthafuckas know. When the smoke clears, it will come out in the wash, you will see whats happening.

It’s not my case against myself. Its their case against me. I just went thru that; I was just persecuted and prosecuted. If you really wanna know, look it up, google it, find it, get a tracer account, its public information. I never had my character under scrutiny like this.

Like I said, I signed up for this type of shit, but if you are gonna say that type of shit, back it up with some facts. I got facts. My case is done. What more is there to talk about my case? My hair is just growing back. I had a moon roof. I’m back, pretty as a bitch, still that ain’t right.

I don’t wanna talk about it any more. To me, it happened, it’s done, it’s over with. You gotta move forward. It was my story, it was my cross, I carried it.

I had some good lawyers too. A team of lawyers. I been thru some shit before. It’s easy for someone to say what they heard but if you really care, get the facts. The court room wasn’t closed on my case, you could have sat in. Take the same energy you use trying to slander me as trying to free me.

That was a real moment, I wouldn’t wish it on anyone. I didn’t have any co-defenders.”

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