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Hot! Popa Wu Confronts Action Bronson

Popa Wu confronts Action Bronson about his recent back and forth with the Wu Tang Legend Ghost Face Killah. Popa Wu is the brother of Ol Dirty Bastard and Masta Killa as well ad the blood relative of RZA and several other Wu members. In Fact he used to take the young Wu kids way back to their daily 3 features of Karate movies which helped to create the group so beloved around the world today.

Popa Wu is an out spoken protector of the W and often goes out of his way to make sure any disrespect is quickly paid for. It will be interesting to hear what Action says about the incident, when he isnt ambushed by members of the nation which is often how Popa Wu handles his business being that he is getting up there in age these days.

Article By: Whitey Bulger

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  1. When I speak I speak from experience Popa Wu has tore me a new ass more than once in public straight up. Nothing but respect for Pop. He goes in though.

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