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Hot! Philadelphia Eagles Walter Thurmond III launches Ninjawav – The Next Big Thing in Music Technology


SAN FRANCISCO, CA APRIL 21, 2015—What if you could hear your favorite artist in real time, or connect to them without the assistance of a computer or mobile device? What if this could be accomplished with ease, through the use of headphones – that would never distort the quality of sound again? Would this interest you? What if I told you the cost would be minimal? Now that I’ve piqued your interest, prepare to ride the “NinjaWav.”

Philadelphia Eagles player, Walter Thurmond III, is teaming up with dynamo, Celebrity & Lifestyle Branding Expert, Jay Leopardi, to change the way we enjoy music. After spending millions of dollars on research & development, attorneys, technologists, designers, top sound engineers, and working with some of the most influential music artists and celebrities known today, the doublet has created NinjaWav, LLC- also known as, “The Next Big Thing,” as seen in Times Square, in the heart of New York City, and on Sunset Blvd. in Los Angeles, CA.

What’s so incredible, is that this phenomenal product is not only limited to music, but is indeed a movement – a lifestyle that will cause a shift in how streaming service providers, in the music industry, in particular, and perhaps all of entertainment, do business. Thurmond and Leopardi were determined to develop a product that would enable users to listen to music, while affording them the capability to still access their smart phones through the communication of a glass. This is exactly what the NinjaWav allows users to do, and is only one of several new products set to hit the store shelves in 2016.

All NinjaWav products will feature proprietary “High Precision Audio” (HPA) sound technology. The device’s design will allow users to fit the product comfortably and inconspicuously into any pair of pants (pocket) for easy haul. For added use and security, each unit is also waterproof and comes with a true to life 24hr battery, with the possibility for a greater (battery) life, depending upon volume- which has the ability to enhance or deplete it.

These two powerhouses are about to take the way we do music by storm. They’ve managed to collaborate and create a next generation product that is sure to set the world of music ablaze. Both champions in their respective careers, it comes as no surprise what they’ve accomplished. “Leopardi has been quoted as stating, “In all my years of developing brands and breaking talent, I wish I’d met Walter sooner. We are very fortunate to have IP that will enable the music lovers of the world to do what they want, when they want, and not have to keep changing battery chargers, up grading phones, replacing their music, and paying astronomical amounts of money for data plans.” Likewise, Thurmond also had this to add about the joint venture, sharing how “NinjaWav will make life easier and more interactive for artists, musicians and, most importantly, the fans/listeners. Companies like Google and Apple have needed this type of technology but just have not figured it out.” It is obvious that Walter and Jay have formulated a winning combination, and they look forward to bringing this innovation to your fingertips.

In honor of their new collaboration, Leopardi and Thurmond are running a contest via their website, as well as on billboards in Times Square and Sunset Blvd, which will display a mixed up/ puzzle featuring concepts of their brand. In order for participants to have a chance to win, they must figure out what is the next big thing/technology. For more information, and to find some helpful hints, visit,

One lucky winner who accurately guesses, “What the Next Big Thing” is, will win one of the following prizes:

(1.) $10,000 US Dollars on National TV

(2.) An All-inclusive prepaid T-Mobile smartphone with 1 year of unlimited services

(3.) A year supply of Red Bull, maximum 100 cases

(4.) A shopping spree at Forever 21, while being escorted by NFL Super Bowl Champion, Walter Thurmond III


(5.) A custom tailored-suit, designed by renowned designer Woody Wilson, know for creating staple looks for celebrities such as Jimmy Kimmel, Steve Harvey and the cast of Ocean’s Twelve, just to name a few.

Remember to win, you have to enter, so visit and tell us what you think, “The Next Big Thing” is. Be sure to read the sweepstakes rules and terms before entering.

You can also ride the Wav Campaign by following on Twitter @thebigwav, and on Facebook and Instagram @followthewav


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