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Hot! Paul Wall On Slim Jesus: I’d Rather Listen to Lil Mouse

Houston’s own Paul Wall is as real as they come, and like most rap artists and fans, he enjoys musicians who can share their lives through their lyrics. With that being said, one artist he doesn’t care to listen to is Slim Jesus, the White drill rapper from Hamilton, Ohio who admitted to not living up to the words in his songs on several occasions. “Me personally, I won’t listen to something like that,” Paul tells DJ Vlad. “I wanna listen to something where they’re speaking about something that’s authentic.”

“We all know every rapper exaggerated a little bit, but to go that far about it you gotta at least come from somewhere – at least for me to listen to you,” Paul Wall continues. If Slim Jesus were from his hometown Paul admits he’d “feel differently,” but in the end he’d “much rather listen to Chief Keef” or Lil Mouse because they rap about what they know.


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