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Hot! Origins of G-Funk, Whoopin’ Ice Cube’s Ass, and Much more from Cold187um and Kokane

Prezident Bejda of the Murder Master Music Show on UGS Radio kicked off number 101 of his popular online show with the  Architects of G-FunkRuthless Records alumni Big Hutch aka Cold187um from Above the Law and Kokane. For years the pioneers of G-Funk spoke out about the origins of the sound and on Halloween Night on the Murder Master Music Show they let it be known that they were not trying to take anything away from anyone else’s accomplishments in the game, but they wanted to be recognized as well for their contributions. In a recent interview even Warren G acknowledged Above the Law as being the originators.
During the interview everything was talked about from giving Dr. Dre various break beats to use on ZAGGIN4LIFE to Cold 187 being the original choice for the song “Deep Cover”,  Kokane and Hutch wanted to make sure to say that Eazy-E treated them real good like family and it is important that people know that.
At one point in the interview Hutch speaks on an incident involving Ice Cube backstage at a show  about not only putting hands on Cube for some stuff that Cube had said in an interview.
At around 34:50 Hutch was asked about an altercation
I’m getting ready to go on stage in about 20 minutes and I turn around and this mutha fucka is in my dressing room. So I walked up to the mutha fucka and he said “What’s Up?” as soon as he said “What’s Up?” I gave the mutha fucka one like BOOM, he tried to swing and I gave him another one BOOM, BOOM, BOOM and knocked him through the door. Now we are in the hallway and Kaos is getting in one and now the security rush. Now he is all whopped up, sad, and crying and all kinda shit. He was in tears! They break us apart and after I do the show he is still hanging around and he came up to me and apologized to me and said all kinds of shit after he got his ass whooped on.”
Then later on Kokane and Hutch spoke about how good Eazy treated them while they were at Ruthless 50:35
Kokane “My thing is if Eric would have done something so bad to people how come not one person ever sued him? Eazy treated us like we were his fuckin family homie.”
The two spent well over an hour with Prez and dropped many gems for the true Ruthless Records fan. They continued to stress that they wanted to preserve the legacy of Eazy-E as well as even speaking directly to Dr. Dre at one point offering him suggestions on how he can make the true amends that he never made with Eazy-E before he passed away.



  1. Everyone of these niggas who keep bringing up 20 year old fights with ICE CUBE wishes they could hang with him today. Who does that? Bitter people

  2. I love how people nobody pay attention to love to make up outlandish stories to get recognition. Whooped Cube my ass, hahahaha fucking amateur comedians. Hahaha

  3. Most of the members of Above The Law got their ass whipped by Cube himself!

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