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Hot! Obama Grants Clemency For Former Drug Kingpin “Darryl “Lil D” Reed”

OAKLAND — Darryl Reed, once called the “crack king” of Oakland, will be released from prison this year after President Obama this week granted him and 110 others clemency.

The former drug kingpin known on the streets as “Lil D” will be released from a federal prison in Oregon on Dec. 28, 26 years into a 35-year prison sentence for manufacturing and possessing crack and cocaine to sell.

“I said, Woohoo! Like that,” his mother, Delores Stephens, told KGO-TV. “I told myself too, I believe the Lord sent him there for a reason.”

At age 20, Reed was at the top of Oakland’s narcotics trade in the late 1980s, transporting drugs through his connections in Los Angeles to street dealers throughout Oakland, retired narcotics Officer Ken Scott said.

“He had the whole city,” said Scott, who retired from the Oakland police department in 1997. “He had people in East Oakland, West Oakland and North Oakland.”

Reed is a nephew through marriage of Felix Mitchell, leader of “The Mob” gang, one of three notorious organizations that ruled Oakland’s streets in the early 1980s. Mitchell was killed in federal prison in 1986.

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