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Hot! Nova – Pardon My Swag

nova Pardon My Swag Vol3 front large Nova   Pardon My Swag Vol.3

Just when the industry has decided they have seen and heard it all, a young emcee by the name of Nova has surfaced in central California. Talented, unique, young, sexy, and relevant he is the new face of Hip Hop. To be so bold and exude such a persona it takes a certain level of confidence and Nova definitely has just enough. Borderline overconfident from an outsiders perspective, it would appear he is getting ahead of himself, but the fact of the matter is the industry is just a little behind. Now is the time to take a look at what the future of hip hop holds for us and examine why Nova has the new sound, face, and movement the industry needs.

Before Nova was known by his stage name he was simply Jason Hodges, a young man in the streets of Fresno with a pen and notepad that he would jot poetry down in. As his peers saw what he was capable of writing and took notice to how catchy it was, he began to take his poetry vocal and turn it into hip hop. Always a lyricist first, Nova’s music takes it’s listeners to where he is. Every beat along with every lyric, song after song, one can see the evolution of hip hop reach a higher level through his music. As Nova’s talent grew so did his following and along with it came a movement called “Pardon My Swag”. His image at a glance shows a young attractive well dressed man that any parent would love to see their daughter bring home, but his story, told through his music, adds an edge that can take daddy’s little girl to her… well I think you get the point. Pardon his swag, but it just draws a crowd, and not just women. Men are frequent listeners of Nova’s music and often try to imitate him in an attempt to achieve his “Imperial Swagger” if not just listening because the music is hot. Collectively, as a visual and audible asset to hip hop today Nova is on the brink of something major.
A lot of musicians can either walk the walk or talk the talk, but Nova can do both and he does it better, if not perfectly. One thing that puts Nova in a category shared by few, is the fact that his music isn’t composed of a false sense of reality or whimsical fairy tales of owning property or life experiences he hasn’t earned, his lyrics are factual. From head nodding pure hip hop to tracks that belong on the dance floor, listeners can relate to Nova’s relevance.
Through utilization of his talent, Nova has released three mixtapes so far. Pardon My Swag Volume One,Two, and Three. All three albums hit the pavement, were passed out for free, and earned this young artist more than what money could have given him, street credibility and a solid fan base. With these two key factors Nova has been able to draw a healthy crowd at his shows as well as gather the support and interest of local media and industry scouts. On top of the mixtapes he has released a couple of music videos that showcase his talent on film and creative expression on a different platform. Braille- Words You Can Feel (new mixtape) is in the works and is expected to be released sometime within the fourth quarter of 2012. As the industry waits with baited breath for Nova’s first single to reach the airwaves, he is taking time to saturate his regional markets and move on to the national level.
As pretentious as some of these words may have been, Nova is humble and awaiting his seat on the throne of hip hop royalty. Destined to fulfill his commitments to himself and determined to provide quality music for his fans as well as new listeners one track at a time, Nova will remain on the scene indefinitely. The Pardon My Swag movement aside an artist lacking not a single ounce of determination makes Nova more viable than any artist the industry has seen in a long time. It’s time to step up to the next level of hip hop and be a part of what this young man is set out to do. Pardon his swag, but now is the time to either get with it or get left behind.
Nova – Pardon My Swag

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