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Hot! Northern Cali Rap State Of Emergency

Believe it or not It used to be a privilege and an honor being a rapper.  U were part of an elite group of people  with  A rare talent that not everyone else had.  Everyone who was doing it had a true passion for it and took it very seriously.  Same with a DJ and a Promoter. Now it has become something that  many  from that real rap era  don’t even wanna be associated with anymore. There  is no longer any honor amongst the craft and lack of professionalism amongst the business.

In short, The whole game is fucked up!!!  MILLIONAIRE RAPPERS FIGHTING AT AWARD SHOWS IN 2012 ??????!  Entourages seeking to become the focus of attention more than the rappers at shows and events????  Promoters seeking staure and a dollar, giving no real  thought to putting on a great show for the people????  DJ’z competing with the rappers for fame?????  Managers and booking agents being a block instead of a bridge between artists and potential clients for the artists for their own selfish reasons??????  The local rapper used to be hungry and made sure he, his music his delivery and  his stage show were all on point before he presented himself officially as an artist. Now he goes from the notepad to the booth to the stage in the twinkling of an eye not even really caring about presentation.

Roles of rapper, DJ and Promoter used to be clearly defined,  now 1 person  is all 3 or 2 of the 3. The future is looking bleak, Especially in Northern California. When u have the likes of Too Short, E40 and Easki,  3 pioneers that have been doing it for 20 plus years as the only ones capable of shinning any national light on this area we are in sad perdicument. If these 3 retired tomorrow there would be no northern california representation amongst the elite of this rap game. Sure you have some artists from northern California known in a few “pockets” across the country but none are prepared to step in and pick up where they leave off   if the OG’s quit doing music today. Many of us blame them for not “Putting young artists on” yet we have seen so many instances where the OG’s have reached back and those artists who they allowed to  share the spotlight with them either dropped the ball (we wont say any names), or just couldn’t break through

Look, I do not profess to have the answers to this delima we are facing, I do know that the over saturation of the local industry with so many sub par acts is hurting us more than helping us. Too many approach rap as a hobby but present themselves as a professional and are unable to maneuver through the business side. If thats the case, i say  continue making rap your hobby outside of a real job and stay out of the professional field of rap, because u make us look bad! And if u have a friend or family member that raps, stop lying to them telling them there music is tight when it really sucks because you will end up with a person wasting 10 or 15 years of their life chasing something they will never catch when they could have excelled in another professional field!!!! All because you and others weren’t brutally honest in the beginning.

In the last 10 years there have been only 2 notable bay area artists signed to major record label deals(not distribution deals)   that we know of (Mistah Fab and Ya Boy) yet there are probably easily over a 100,000 “serious” rappers in this  Northern California region. That is not a reflection of how much talent is in the region but it is a reflection of how much talent has their business in order and are really ready for a major deal. Both Fab And Ya Boy had a strong team around them, a strong internet presence, a viable catalog of music, Radio presence  and most importantly an undying passion to make it. RARELY IS SOMEONE EVER SIGNED SOLELY ON TALENT!  You meet these talents now days they think something is owed to them and that success should be handed to them on a silver platter. I have met some of the most talented individuals on the local scene over the past 7 years but there attitude stinks, there work ethic sucks, and they are totally incapable of being consistant. God blesses many of these artists with the talent that they can use to fight there way out of any  bad situation yet they let the bad situation suffocate their talent. It used to be music was an avenue to lead u out of the streets but now niggas just bring the streets with them into music and as soon as they get in flight all the vices they choose to bring with them causes them to come tumbling right back down.

They say old habits are hard to break and we have seen example after example of Artists who have had drug problems before they were famous and those drug problems just grow in size when the money and the fame come into play. If u are a talented artists on the rise with a drug problem acknowledge  the problem and take the necessary steps to fix the problem NOW!!!!!!  Get into a program, go cold turkey whatever works for you but it will only get magnified as u get more fame and more money in this business.  I sincerely hope someone reads this and is able to get something out of it and  that we are able as a region to overcome these issues that hold us back. Lord knows we are long over due for a platinum record from a Northern California Artist! In order for that to happen everyone must play the role that they are qualified to play, and sad to say some are only qualified to be onlookers…….


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