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Hot! Nipsey Hussle Speaks On “Victory Lap” Release Strategy

According to Nipsey, releasing Victory Lap through a major or independent label depends on what option will result in his project reaching the most people.

“I think we got the option,” Nipsey Hussle said during an interview with Hip Hop Since 1987. “To either go indie or do it through a major. I think that everybody respect what we doing and what we got built enough to give us what we need to do a major situation. But we gon’ finish the album. And get the music done. And focus on that and once it’s done we can figure out how we gonna put it out. I’m more excited about the people getting it. Whichever way the most amount of people can get it, that’s the way we gonna go.”

In regards to what fans can expect on Victory Lap as opposed to Nipsey’s past mixtapes, the rapper says he wants every aspect of the album, from production to verses to hooks, to be better than his previous work.

“I just want the songs to be better…With everything I do, every time something new come out I want the songs to be better,” he said. “I want the music to be better. I want the lyrics to be better. The beat selection. The sequencing of it. The concept. I just want everything to be better than my last shit. So, that’s it. That’s my main focus is making sure everything get better. That when they come back to it they like ‘He grown since the last time we heard him. In every way. He got better beats, better production, better hooks, better verses. Just everything better.”

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