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Hot! New Orleans Artist Bruce Dillon Releases “RocaFella Era”


Red State is the welcoming party of Bruce Dillon. Red State has great features and showcases Bruce’s ability to make music come to life. Red State is a must listen and is sure to captivate the mind of each listener.

There is a new artist on the scene from America’s most musically and culturally rich city, New Orleans, and his name is Bruce Dillon. Bruce’s talent shines on every verse as his clever, gritty lyrics are rapidly delivered by an unwaveringly fluid flow that leaves heads bobbing and hearts throbbing. Bruce has been building his brand since his sophomore year at Tulane University in September 2010, where his campus debut, “I’m A Green Wave”, had the whole school buzzing for “Swagga”, a nickname given by his colleagues due to his unparalleled since of style. With maturation of his craft, Bruce is truly ready to make his mark in this industry.
Social Media handles:
-Twitter: @realbrucedillon
-Instagram: @realbrucedillon
-Soundcloud: realbrucedillon
-YouTube: Bruce Dillon
This is the first single off Bruce Dillon’s next project titled City Is Mine 3. 

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