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Hot! N.W.A.’s MC Ren & Ice Cube Reunite On The Remix to “Rebel Music”!

MC Ren recently dropped “Rebel Music”, produced by E-A-Ski, to world-wide acclaim. The Villain hasn’t stopped there, however, as MC Ren has reached back and grabbed fellow NWA alum Ice Cube to feature on the “Rebel Music” remix.

MC Ren & Ice Cube have featured on only a handful of tracks together since Ice Cube split from NWA almost 3 decades ago, “Comin’ After You”, “Hello”, “Chin Check”, and “The Shit”, the latter coming in 2003. Finally, MC Ren and Ice Cube have collaborated again!

E-A-Ski once again provides the sonic backdrop as MC Ren and Ice Cube reunite for the first time in over a decade.

Check out the “Rebel Music” remix on iTunes and support one of the legends in this industry.

Song: Rebel Music (remix)
Artist:  MC Ren
Featured Artist: Ice Cube
Producer: E-A-Ski

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