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Hot! Murder Master Music Show Pays Homage to Legends and Pioneers

Online radio show “The Murder Master Music Show” hosted by long time music journalist and Murder Dog Magazine veteran Prezident Scott Bejda is giving fans the ultimate gift by putting legends they grew up on together on the same show. 

Below are links to shows that have contained such legends as JT Money, Kingpin Skinny Pimp, Legendary Traxster, Kokane, K-Rino, Mastamind, Mr. Mixx of the 2 Live Crew and much more. Many more legends and pioneers are going to be guests in the future. 

For those who do not know Scott he brought many artists to the table at Murder Dog. In the Mid 90s he introduced the Wicketshit to Murder Dog being the creator of the genre himself, Esham. After Esham and Natas received big coverage in the publication, of course ICP soon followed which turned into a decade plus relationship with the magazine and Psychopathic. ICP was already huge, but getting into Murder Dog greatly broadened their fan base and increasing the membership in the juggalo community. 

Next up to bat came Tech N9ne along with which would later become the Technicians. In 2000 Scott, brought the album Anghellic by Tech to the magazine and reviewed it. Once again the rest is history. To this day Murder Dog and Strange Music have been like night and day with the label having numerous ads and features in the publication. 

Most people don’t truly know who is responsible for most of these connections. Scott has brought many people to the table. You can even ask the owners of the magazine for yourself!

“His promptness, efficiency, quality of work, and passion for the music have been important to the success of this publication.”
-Mary Downs “General Manager- Automatic Alligator Publishing/Murder Dog Magazine
“Scott doesn’t even know how much he shaped whats in the music right now. He played a major role in Murder Dog doing the interviews of some of the biggest people who are the voice of the world right now”
-Black Dog Bone-Murder Dog Magazine Publisher and Creator

He is doing it again for the fans.  
“This is the audio version of Murder Dog, the true voice of underground rap history. I am trying to bring the fans, people like myself, the artists that we grew up off of. Not only that I am trying to, in some instances put them on the line together. Who ever thought they would hear JT Money and Mastamind talk in the same interview with each other? Both of those guys sold 100,000s of albums in the 90s but were from two different areas and two different genres of music. ” -Scott explains 


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