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Hot! Video Mozzy: Getting Involved in Crime at 11, Shoot Outs and Drive-Bys at 16 | VLAD TV

West Coast rapper Mozzy sat down for an exclusive interview with VladTV, where he detailed his upbringing in Sacramento, his relationship with his parents, and getting into street life.

When it came to speaking about his early days, Mozzy didn’t shy away from admitting that he was born a crack baby, which he refers to as an “incubator baby,” and adding that his father was away in jail for most of his childhood. The “Bladadah” rapper explained that he embraces his struggle, and he adds that it attracts a lot of fans and help them identify with his music.

During the interview Mozzy also spoke about new projects he has in the works, and he gave listeners a sample of what’s to come by spitting a freestyle. You can hear the full freestyle along with Mozzy’s stories about getting into shootouts at sixteen and much more in the above clip.

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