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Hot! Montana Montana Montana – Circle of Success (Cover Art + Tracklist)

The Northwest rapper Montana Montana Montana has released his latest album “Circle of Success”, 17 tracks with guest appearances from Philthy Rich, Mr. Silky Slim, D-Lo, Sleep Dank, Cool Nutz, J- Diggz, Marvaless and many more. Montana Montana Montana – Circle of Success is now available for purchase in the Sicc Shop

twitter @PezzyMontana / @925five
Instagram @MontanaMontanaMontanaa

1. Circle of Success intro
2. Montana Mamie’s – ft. Philthy Rich
3. Got Me – ft. Digla Baby
4. Hitch Hiking – ft. V-Nasty , Mr Silky Slim the Pimp #PGO
5. Ratchet Party
6. In the Wall – ft. D-Lo
7. Colgate (Flight to Boston) – ft. Sleep Dank , Cool Nutz
8. Daddy
9. Up All Night
10. I can Tell
11. Young Soldier – ft. Marvaless
12. Shooter – ft. J-Diggs
13. NorCal to SoCal – ft. D-Lo
14. M.A.C. – ft. Gucci Mane
15. OG Smoke – ft. Treechoppa , 925five crew
16. Bakersfield
17. Change Me

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