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Hot! Video Momma Capone Talks L.A. Capone Fight With FBG Butta | Video

This is a 4 part series which is a must watch hands down.Today which is September 26, 2016 marks the three year anniversary since the death of Leonard Anderson, aka the late great “L.A. Capone”.This is up an close and personal for all the fans across the world who supports L.A. Capone as a artist. Some of the questions I asked Miss Morris were already asked a year prior to this but I just wanted to see if her thoughts has changed since then. Its a must we respect and honor a black woman who has been through so much over the years and is still able to keep a smile on her face and a roof over her children’s head. Please support Mamma Capone and her restaurant as well as her other business which you can check out on her Instagram page.

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