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Hot! MC Eiht Reveals How He & DJ Quik Ended 6-Year-Long Beef With VladTV

Though MC Eiht and DJ Quik are now amicable with one another, they had an infamous beef that lasted nearly six years. In a recent sit-down with VladTV, the “Streiht Up Menace” rapper gets candid about the vicious back and forth he had with Quik.

Eiht cites the tension between him and Quik as a byproduct of the pair’s rival Blood and Crip affiliations. The Compton rapper says the beef popped off after the release of his song, “Def Wish.” Eiht spits the line “Biting me quick will mean you get my d*** sucked quick.” Though Eiht claims “he never knew who he was,” because Quik was a Blood many took the wordplay as a direct shot at the rapper.

DJ Quik later responded to the line on his demo tape with a personal threat to Eiht, whom Quik wrongly thought called him out. The beef ensued for years afterwards and it hit a new level when DJ Quik mentioned MC Eiht’s neighborhood in a song. Things between the two men got so heated that MC Eiht remembers Suge Knight and his crew pulling him over to talk about the beef, but it was only to assure him that things weren’t going to get out of hand.


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