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Hot! Video MC Eiht Explains Learning From DJ Quik Beef

#MCEiht explains the origins of his #DJQuik beef & what he learned from it. The #ComptonsMostWanted #rapper also details how #EPMD influenced his #DefWish & #DuckSick series of songs. #MCEiht also talks about how he wanted to use more than just #funk songs on #ItsAComptonThang #StraightCheckNEm & #MusicToDriveby. Hit us up in the comments section and let us know what you think.

Created & Hosted by Soren Baker
Shot by Daylan Williams
Edited by Valerie Sakmary

Executive Producer: Soren Baker
Producers: Daylan Williams, Valerie Sakmary, Steven Reissner

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Showcase Your Next Project!