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Hot! Max B Could Be Released as Soon as 2 Years

Harlem rapper Max B is currently serving 75 years in prison after he was found guilty of murder conspiracy and robbery charges. But Max B’s legal issues and current incarceration may not be as grim as it is on paper. Amalgam Digital CEO Anyextee recently spoke on potentially raising money via Max B’s music catalog to fund for another legal team. Anyextee believes the” Free Max B” campaign could become a reality.

“We recently sold Max B’s catalog as part of a play to help get him out. He and his family were excited about this as the company we sold it to has agreed to put up the required capital to fund a proper legal defense using the defense attorneys that we always wanted to use,” explains Anyextee. “It’s possible Charly could be out as soon as two years if the legal team is successful in their strategy. He already has time served under his belt.”

In addition to raising money via Max B’s music, Anyextee spoke on an upcoming film entitled “Charly Rambo: The Max B Story.” “I just did a deal for the film I have coming out entitled Charly Rambo: The Max B Story, and you can expect to hear exclusive Max B tracks in the movie,” said Anyextee. “I will also say this, there are still quality unreleased Max B tracks and Pro Tools sessions.”

What do you think about what Anyextee has to say about Max B’s incarceration and his potential release? Do you think it’s a possibility Max could see light in as little as two years? Share your thoughts below.


Source: DZI: The Voice



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