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Hot! Marvell & Sonny Bo Connect For Group Album With The Release Of “Available”

When you talk Southern California, most hip hop taste maker’s only speak of the great talents with in the Los Angeles city lines. But there is a city by border than has been consistent with its underground push for nearly 25 years and it has not gone unnoticed. Southeast San Diego, home to Jayo Felony, Mitchy Slick, I-Rocc, Cricet, Big June and Damu just to name a few of the cities first generation of great talent. Among those great artist you also have Markvell & Sonny Bo who have connected recently for more than just the normal guest appearance on one’s mixtape album. “Available“, a 16 song collection as a duo that host guest appearances from Mackalino, Adonis Da Hottest, Ratchett Hatchett, Kilo D and more. The album was release Feb. 12th and is available via all your digital retail outlets. Check out the official cover and tracklist at below.

1 Follow Instructions (Intro)
2 What’s It Gone Be (feat. James Carter)
3 Nothin’ Left to Figure Out (feat. Ratchett Hatchett)
4 Mathematics
5 What Does It Mean
6 I Got a Bitch
7 Vegas Life (feat. Mackalino)
8 I Got Hoes (feat. Mackalino & Ratchett Hatchett)
9 Joy and Pain (feat. Adonis da Hottest)
10 Play Intensive
11 Purple
12 Gallons
13 Wake and Bake (feat. Tall Tee & Ratchett Hatchett)
14 Slide Through (feat. Ratchett Hatchett)
15 Need Luv Too
16 Just Short of Amazing (feat. Kilo D)




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